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Really? Not even a like?

11 Aug

I’m trying to get this guy to text me since he was the one that stopped texting last, and I don’t want to be annoying.

My friend’s suggested putting a nice picture on instagram to get his attention.

He hasn’t even liked it 😦



Having a crush is so complicated these days.


I have no idea what I’m doing anymore

2 Aug

I feel like I’m pissing everybody off no matter what I do.

I keep making plans and plans with so many of my friends, and then end up cancelling last minute because those plans overlap with each other.

My friends seem to carry more and more dislike towards each other the more I hang out with someone that isn’t them.

I feel like I can’t mention a name without somebody rolling their eyes or asking why I’m hanging out with them.

I just like people!

I am really enjoying being home this summer, and I really want to do the most with it by seeing everyone that I’ve ever felt a connection with.

I need to stop though, I need to make solid plans, or just stop making them altogether and let spontaneity take over my days.

I, I’m spread way too thin
Everybody wants to know what’s happenin
I, I’m spread way too thin
What’s the big rush now, tell me why you’re rushin??