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Quote Find No. 127

19 Nov

Nhan Fiction

“Women have been kicking ass for centuries.”
– Yancy Butler 

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19 Nov

So there’s this boy right

19 Nov

ng I’ve ever seen in South Gate.

He is two years older, and went to the South East High School not South Gate, which I probably why we never met before this summer.


Anyway, I have this huge crush on him and all the friends that are also his friends are trying to hook me up with him, but because I’m a fucking idiot when it comes to this stuff, it isn’t going too well.



My friend read our text messages.

Apparently my respond to him texting “I’m so bored it huuurrrtttsss”

meant he wanted to hang out. Of course I didn’t ask him to hang out, but started talking about some other stupid shit. 


“You’re acting hard to get!”


But no, for this kid, I promise I will not act hard to get.

He can get it. 

He just needs to say when, and boom *drops panties*

I just want him. 

and apparently when he says “lets crash the party!!!!!!”

I just need to say yes, not say a really stupid story about how I egged the people who are throwing the party’s house.


I fucking told them I’m stupid with boys!!!