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26 Jan


26 Jan

all you do is drink beer!

17 Jan

Why the fuck am I so attracted to you?!?!?


Walking a fine line between romantic and creepy

14 Jan

My little crush is out of control -_-

It started innocent enough.

There was a cute boy with a nice voice and adorable dimples who happened to remember my name.

Next thing you know, we text a little and again, everything is cool and innocent.


Then I start obsessing.

He is all I want to talk about even though he doesn’t give me anything new to talk about. 


I am constantly trying to come up with ways to see him and justify my feelings for him, even though he hasn’t given me shit to get excited for.


I know he is aware of my crush, but at this point in time, I am really worried that my infatuation has gone past the point of being cute to being annoying. 

What would his reaction be to seeing me scribble his fucking initials all over the corner of my paper like some 4th grader?


This sucks.